Choosing your yoga clothes

Yoga is a very exciting, simple yet effective form of exercise for every age group regardless of gender. However, to yield the best results from any form of yoga class, you must wear a proper outfit. You cannot wear some saggy, too tight, uncomfortable, sweaty, or too thick clothing for yoga. Therefore, choosing the right kind of yoga clothes is important and you must prefer flexible, breathable, and comfortable products. 

The clothing you may purchase will definitely depend on the personal choice. In addition to that, the type of yoga you intend to practice will decide the type of yoga clothes you should purchase. However, there is a general guideline to follow if you want to purchase yoga clothes. In other words, you should pay attention to the below-mentioned aspects when you shop around for yoga clothes. 

  • It is always good to go for special yoga pants that come with breathable and flexible bottoms. 
  • The top should be breathable enough. Also, it should be narrow or form-fitting so that will not disturb your movements (especially when you practice upside-down poses. 
  • If you are a woman, you must invest in a sports bra. Never wear a regular bra to a yoga class (or any other fitness-related session). 
  • The top layer of your outfit should be comfortable and warm. This becomes useful at the end of the class as you have to perform the “corpse pose” or when you cool down. 

Things you should look for when shopping for a yoga outfit 

There are many yoga outfits made with different types of materials. They always come with different price tags and designs as well. Good yoga outfits are made using materials such as nylon, polyester, or spandex. Some outfits are made using a blend of those materials as well. Such materials are ideal for yoga outfits due to various reasons; they offer great breathability, comfort, flexibility, and perfect fit. 

  • They must be comfortable 
  • The last thing you need when practicing yoga is to wear an uncomfortable, sweaty, and bulky outfit. When you start tuning the body, you should solely focus on that. Outfits with itchy materials, sharp edges, tags, too tight or loose characteristics should be avoided. Also, you must avoid materials that can bind or chafe.  

  • They must be perfectly breathable 
  • When you engage in yoga, you tend to sweat at different levels. The amount of sweat can vary depending on the type of the exercise and the nature of the person as well. So, if you sweat a lot in general, you are supposed to wear highly breathable, wicking fabric (such as nylon). That will keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. Be sure to avoid cotton; although it is comfortable, it can hold sweat and make you very damp and hot during the sessions. 

  • They should be flexible enough 
  • You will have to bend, stretch, reach, bend and perform various other actions during the yoga sessions. So, the outfit you wear must support all those movements. 

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